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Industry Leading Outsourced EDI Services

Global EDI Services is a leading expert in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data integration services and solutions. We provide a range of EDI services including EDI consulting, EDI outsourcing, EDI remote support, and EDI managed services. Our team of professionals work with you to translate your data and achieve the desired results you want.

First, we begin by reviewing your current business systems to make certain that you get the most value from your switch to EDI. Next, our EDI expert designers properly fit the electronic exchange of information into your business operation.

Outsourced EDI Consulting Services

We have supplied hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses, with the ability to perform EDI transactions with their trading partners. Businesses have sought our EDI services realizing the advantage that EDI can bring to their company. Here are just some examples of benefits when working with Global EDI Services:

  • Improved accuracy of information – EDI eliminates data entry for documents that are received therefore decreasing the potential for error.
  • Faster processing cycles – EDI expedites the delivery of documents, but also speeds the processing of documents because they arrive in machine-processable format.
  • Reduced costs – Documents are only keyed at the source location; therefore, manual entry costs, paper and mailing costs will be reduced. Additionally, delivery and handling costs will be reduced.
  • Competitive Edge – Industry leaders have achieved positions in their industries due in part to the implementation of EDI services.

Even by accessing this website you are aware of the importance EDI services will play in your organization’s success.

EDI Managed Service

A fully managed outsourced EDI service—like the one offered by Global EDI Services—coordinates and administers everything for you. The vendor is responsible for every aspect, including implementation, testing, monitoring transactions, handling errors and discrepancies, and creating and managing maps. They should offer full technical support, and the system should allow you to scale up as your business grows. Your vendor will also oversee the communication network between your organization and your trading partners.

EDI Remote Support

Looking for EDI support on a specific issue with your translator? Help is but a phone call away. Global EDI Services provides fast, comprehensive support through our staff of friendly technicians.

We take great pride in highly personalized customer support. You will talk with a group of EDI experts who are not only knowledgeable about EDI but are also highly skilled in related and important areas of the supply chain, providing sound advice and assistance to its customers.

Our EDI Support engineers are assigned to a project in accordance with their specific expertise, so that each customer can benefit from the specialized knowledge of our support staff.

EDI Mapping Services

Are you struggling with your data management and translation? At Global EDI Services, we understand that having a quality data translator can be vital to operations. Being able to alter formats upon request of a trading partner becomes a necessity. If your organization wishes to become independent from vendor assistance, Global EDI Services can help. Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) mapping services provide the latest in data translation solutions for clients seeking only the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Our vast range of experience gives our EDI Services the personal touch to ensure success.

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