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Global EDI Services is a leading expert in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). We provide a range of EDI services including strategy EDI consulting, EDI outsourcing, EDI remote support, interactive media services, Internet application development and back-office systems integration. Our team of professionals work with you to translate your data and achieve the desired results you want.

First, we begin by reviewing your current business systems to make certain that you get the most value from your switch to EDI (electronic data exchange). Next, our EDI expert designers properly fit the electronic exchange of information into your business operation. We are available to provide the following services: on-site installation and training to ensure a smooth transition to your new or updated system.

EDI Solutions Made Simple

EDI Services

Since the late 1980s, we have aided hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses. They can conduct EDI transactions with their trading partners. Businesses have sought our EDI services realizing the advantage that EDI can bring to their company. Here are just some examples of benefits when working with Global EDI Services:

  • Improved accuracy of information – EDI enhances information accuracy. It eliminates data entry for received documents, minimizing error potential.
  • Faster processing cycles – EDI speeds up document delivery. It also accelerates document processing as they arrive in a machine-processable format.
  • Reduced costs – Keying documents only at the source location reduces manual entry costs, paper, and mailing expenses. Moreover, it decreases delivery and handling costs.
  • Reduced inventory levels – Faster document turnaround maintains shorter lead times and smaller inventory levels, improving positive cash flow.
  • Competitive Edge – Industry leaders have achieved positions in their industries due in part to the implementation of EDI services. Even by accessing this website you are aware of the importance EDI services will play in your organization’s success.

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