EDI Consulting

Global eCommerce Technologies provides EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) consulting services. Taking the frustration out of the time consuming process of managing EDI-based applications and documentation. We specialize in:

  • Helping clients manage multiple EDI trading partner implementations.
  • Rolling out new EDI documents across numerous trading partners.
  • Developing tailored EDI specifications to meet organizational needs.

Our skilled EDI Consulting project leaders are ready to assist or fully manage any client project, saving time and effort with precise solutions. Global eCommerce Technologies provides EDI consulting, ensuring faster processing cycles, reduced costs, improved accuracy, and a competitive edge.

EDI Outsourcing

Clients can outsource EDI management with Global eCommerce Technologies. Send files to the Global eCommerce Network; our translation service converts documents as needed by customers and suppliers.

We offer “EDI compliance” services or outsource EDI for vendors lacking EDI processing capabilities. Global eCommerce Technologies offers two specialty outsourcing solutions: application conversion and manual processing.

Application Conversion

We convert EDI data to and from Customized Data Files for use with spreadsheets, ERPs, or business applications. Clients interested in EDI outsourcing don’t need any EDI experience to meet a trading partner’s electronic processing requirements.

EDI Consulting Managed EDI Services
We take care of the initial setup work with your trading partners. These steps include:

  • Gather the necessary information concerning your company
  • Provide the application file layouts for your systems
  • Load the application files into your internal systems successfully
  • Generate application files from your system and transmit them
  • Convert files to EDI documents and transmit them

The requirements for the Application Conversion Process are as follows:

  • Communications software or other means to receive/send application files
  • Ability to receive/send the Custom Data File defined by you
  • The ability to import and export application files within a client’s systems

Manual Processing

The Manual Processing program for EDI outsourcing involves the conversion of EDI data received from trading partners into a readable format. Following this, the information is transmitted to clients through mail, fax, or email. Moreover, any information received from clients via fax or email is converted into an EDI format and then sent back to the relevant trading partners. As with our application conversion outsourcing process, clients do not need to have any experience with EDI to comply with a trading partner’s electronic processing requirements.

EDI Consulting Managed EDI Service
Global eCommerce Technologies completes the initial setup work with your trading partners. The process includes these steps:

  • Receive fax or mail copies of the EDI documents in a familiar format for easy recognition of their appearance and content.
  • Send outgoing documents via fax or mail for conversion into EDI format.

The EDI Manual Processing program requires only a reliable fax machine; the requirements are brief and straightforward.

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