EDI Support – Onsite and Remote Troubleshooting

Looking for edi supportEDI support on a specific issue with your translator? Help is but a phone call away. Global eCommerce Technologies provides fast, comprehensive support through our staff of friendly technicians.

Global EDI Services take great pride in its highly personalized customer support. We offer a seasoned group of EDI experts who are not only knowledgeable about EDI but are also highly skilled in related and important areas of the supply chain, providing sound advice and assistance to its customers.

Our EDI Support engineers are assigned to a project in accordance with their specific expertise so that each customer can benefit from the specialized knowledge of our support staff.

If you’re having trouble with your software, give us a call at 786-571-6763 or contact us via our web form.

Below is a sampling of the major softwares we support and have many valuable years of experience with:

  • Sterling Commerce Gentran Server for Windows
  • Sterling Commerce Gentran Director for Windows
  • Sterling B2B Integrator
  • GXS Inovis TrustedLink Enterprise
  • GXS Inovis TrustedLink Windows
  • GXS Inovis Catalyst Mapper


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Having trouble with your software? Contact us via our web form or by calling 786-571-6763 today.


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Global eCommerce Technologies provides complete EDI implementation and support services that ensure customer satisfaction in the implementation or migration to a new system.


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